Article I – NAME

The name of this organization is the University of Wisconsin House Staff Association. It is in the city of Madison, Wisconsin and is a non-profit organization in accordance with the law.


The objectives of this association are to:

  • Improve and maintain excellent standards of patient care within our training centers
  • Promote and insure high standards of education, working and living conditions of its members
  • Arrange and provide our members with an effective manner through which they can make heard their collective voice.


Any physician holding an M.D. or D.O. degree and who is employed in a post-graduate training program affiliated with the University of Wisconsin as a resident or a fellow shall be eligible to become a member of this association. Active membership shall entitle them to the full privileges of the organization. Community members and significant others may also join on an auxiliary or temporary basis.


Section 1 – Executive Committee

The officers of the Association Executive Committee shall be the President, the Vice President and administrative coordinator/s. All Executive Committee officers shall be chosen from the Board members and no person shall hold more than one office at a time.

Section 2 – Board

Board members shall be chosen or nominated from their individual departments.

All officers shall hold office until their successors are chosen. If there is a vacancy in any office from any cause whatsoever, said vacancy may be filled for the unexpired term by the Executive Committee. The term for each officer shall be one year and shall date from May to May. The Board may appoint other officers or create other positions as deemed necessary.


Section 1

The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Association and the Chairperson of the Executive Committee and an ex-officio member of all other committees. The President shall preside at all meetings and be the official representative and spokesperson for the Association. While UWHA Board members with less than one year of service may be considered for office, candidates for President will ideally have completed one full year of service on the UWHA Board.

Section 2

The Vice-President shall have overall responsibility for the committees of the Association except the Executive Committee. It is also the responsibility of the Vice President to appoint delegates to hospital committees outside the Association and to serve as the liaison between outside organizations and the Association. The Vice President may have delegated to him/her, by the President, any responsibilities or duties unable, for any reason, to be completed by the President. While UWHA Board members with less than one year of service may be considered for office, candidates for Vice President will ideally have completed one full year of service on the UWHA Board.

Section 3

The Administrative Coordinator shall have the responsibility for organizational publications and correspondence of the Association. The Administrative Coordinator shall also be coordinator of ad hoc task groups of the Association and responsible for giving the required notice of meetings to the members. Also, the responsibility of maintaining an up-to-date list of all members and other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee. He/she shall appoint members of these task groups as he/she deems necessary. The Administrative Coordinator shall keep accurate records of all money of the Association, received or disbursed. He/she shall also compile regular reports on income, expenditures and capital assets. Expenditures on behalf of the organization shall be reviewed by and subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

Section 4

The Activity Coordinator shall have the responsibility of planning all Association events and seminars. The Activity Coordinator shall keep accurate records of all expenditures and shall report regularly to the Board on event progress. He/she shall have such other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee.

Section 5

The Administrative Coordinator and Activity Coordinator duties may be combined along with salary and benefits.

Section 6

Should the Administrative/Activity Coordinator(s) opt to conclude the service of their contract, he/she is encouraged to provide a minimum of 2 months’ notice, with transition to be negotiated with Board at Board meeting immediately following announcement. The transition will include, at minimum, advertising the vacancy, interviewing candidates, and training.


Section 1

All meetings of members of the association shall be held in Madison, Wisconsin. Meetings of the members of the association shall be held on a date decided by the Executive Committee to transact business requiring attention of the association and to hear reports of the officers. A minimum of nine (9) meetings per year shall be held for these purposes.

Section 2

Adequate notice of meetings shall be given. Said notice will be given to the members of the Board personally or by mail, telephone or email. Notice will be given in such a way that it can be reasonably assumed that Board members will have access to the information.

Section 3

Special meetings of the members of the association may be called at the request of the President of the Association or members of the Executive Committee. It may be held as soon as the urgency of the situation dictates and notice of such a special meeting will be given inasmuch as it is deemed possible by the Executive Committee according to the guidelines outlined in Section 2.

Section 4

Due to patient care commitments of the membership of the association, a quorum for the transaction of business at Board meetings shall consist of the membership present.

Section 5

Minimum attendance per department or division will be 50% of meetings per year. An alternate may attend, as in the case of departments with multiple representatives. Any department may have multiple representatives. Representatives unable to meet this requirement will be asked to nominate a replacement from his/her department.


Section 1

Nomination of officers to be elected at the annual election may be made by any member of the Association during a period designated by the Executive Committee.

Section 2

The date of the annual election will be designated by the Executive Committee for April of the calendar year and shall be specified in the notice of said election. At this election, the Executive Committee members shall elect by majority vote or by 40% plurality vote if more than two candidates run for one office. In the event no candidate for an office receives 40% plurality vote or a tie results, a run-off election between the two candidates receiving the most votes will be held. The candidate receiving the majority vote shall be declared the winner. Recall elections may be held by the Association membership at any time subject to the conditions above. A quorum for such elections shall be 25% of the Board membership.


There may be appointed by the Executive Committee, a person to be in charge of all press relations as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee and may appoint other members he/she deems necessary to assist him.


Section 1

Dues for membership shall be assessed annually or monthly by the Board. Members can pay dues monthly by automatic withdrawal or yearly by check/cash. Each member who has not paid his/her dues within 30 days of assessment shall without action of the membership automatically forfeit membership and the right to vote. Membership shall be instated immediately upon payment of pro rata dues without action of the membership.

Section 2

The Association’s financial affairs shall be governed by the following by-laws and any applicable local, state or federal laws or statutes.

  1. The Association is a non-profit organization conforming to state and federal regulations
  2. The Treasurer of the Association is the Administrative Coordinator.
  3. No monies, goods, property or anything of value belonging to the Association shall be held by any private persons, but must be held by the Association only.
  4. All bank accounts, checking accounts or trusts established by the Association must be opened or closed with the signatures of two persons on the Executive Committee of the Association according to standard banking practice in Dane County; one of these persons will be the President.
  5. The Administrative Coordinator is responsible for all the Association’s financial accounts. All payments to or from the Association must be made by the Coordinator or his/her appointed designee or with his/her written authority.
  6. All monetary or property transactions performed in the name of the Association must be documented with dated, signed, and numbered receipts, vouchers, or bills of sale. All of these must remain in the property of the Association for seven years, and will all be filed with the Coordinator.
  7. The Coordinator must be notified in writing of any changes made against the Association’s funds. Expenditures of greater than five hundred dollars ($500) must have the written approval of either the President, Vice-President, or the Coordinator.
  8. Standard accounting procedures shall be used for record keeping. These are the responsibility of the Coordinator. All record books must be available for inspection by members of the Executive Committee. All books must also be open to any member of the Association at large within twenty-four hours of a written request.
  9. Payments from the Association’s accounts shall never be in stocks or bonds, paper bills, coins, or money drafts. All payments must be by bank checks or credit/debit card and will usually be signed by only the Administrative Coordinator or the Activities Coordinator.
  10. No withdrawals from any of the Association’s accounts shall be in stocks or bonds, paper bills, coins, or money drafts unless the funds are withdrawn by the President or on his written authority. No withdrawal greater than three hundred dollars ($300) shall be made in this form unless the President or Vice President give written consent.
  11. The inflow to the Association of monies, goods, or property must be recorded by the Coordinator and reported to the Executive Committee and the Board on a regular basis.


The Executive Committee shall be empowered to retain an attorney or other professional as necessary to provide legal counsel or other professional services for the Association.


These by-laws may be amended, altered or repealed in whole or in part by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Association present at any properly called meeting or by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. The by-laws may be ratified by a majority vote of the members present at any properly called meeting or by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.