Who We Are – the short version

An independent, non-profit organization managed and financed by UW residents and fellows.

Established to represent the interests of House Staff and address issues that directly affect them during residency/fellowship.

An organization that offers social and educational activities to make the residency/fellowship experience even more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Who We Are – the long version

Since the 1970’s, the University of Wisconsin House Staff Association (UWHA) has been the organization dedicated to representing all accredited residents and fellows in graduate medical education training programs at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. Today, we also offer affiliate membership status to Family Medicine residents to foster a department-wide sense of community among the residents and fellows.

Although independent, the UWHA works side-by-side with the hospital’s House Staff Affairs Office to provide job-related and educational information as well as benefits, perks and social outings to make the lives of the residents and fellows more manageable.

In addition to representing one’s department on the UWHA Board, the UWHA provides residents and fellows with non-clinical leadership opportunities as resident/fellows representatives on the Hospital’s Standing Committees. Through these committees, House Staff contribute to the hospital’s health care and administrative policies as well as ethical and educational standards. Accordingly, when an issue or concern arises that cannot be resolved within the individual training programs, with the exception of Family Medicine, the UWHA officers meet with members of the House Staff Affiars Office to discuss the problem and find a solution.