I would be happy to start a Table Tennis or Badminton team or BOTH. There is a table tennis table in the HSLC that we can use. There are indoor badminton courts at the Natatorium.
Shane Creado, Psychiatry

I would like to play on a soccer team if there is one please let me know especially if it is in door and all throughout the winter.
Asaad, Pediatrics

House Staff Soccer Team, 10/30/2104
If you are interested in playing indoor soccer this winter at KEVA please email me at ericjhartman@gmail.com. There are two registration deadlines: 11/7 for 8 games from 12/1-2/1, and 1/9/ for 8 games from 2/1-4/5. Beyond the deadlines, prices go up very slightly up until the start of play. We will likely be doing a co-ed recreational league that plays Wed, Thur, or Friday from 5:30p to 11:30p. The cost will be 80-100 dollars per person for 10-12 players.
The KEVA complex is located in Middleton at 8312 Forsythia St. (http://www.kevasports.com/pricing-tables/soccer-leagues)