Attorney Saejung Lee Referred By: Charles Armstrong, House Staff
Number of Referrals: 5
Expires: 01/21/2017

858-724-1460 (fax)

Saejung Lee is an attorney who specializes in physician employment contracts and immigration law. She was previously a member of the UWHC Significant Other Society. Saejung understands the dedication, hard work, and sacrifice required to become a physician or surgeon, and is committed to protecting your interests as you negotiate for your first post-residency/fellowship job. PHYSICIAN EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT EVALUATION includes a phone or online video call meeting with Saejung to review the contract, consider possible amendments, and explore negotiation strategies. The fee for one contract is usually $150-$300 flat rate for residents and fellows, with a discount for review of additional contracts. Saejung also offers immigration legal services.

According to the resident who recommended her, Saejung Lee was easy to work with and thorough. Another resident said she was prompt,helpful and extremely affordable. She took her time to explain many details in the contract to my satisfaction. An additional fellow said she responded quickly and was able to discuss all the pertinent points of the contract over phone within days of our first contact. She made things clear and interpreted them in a language somebody without legal training can understand. Her prices are very reasonable for residents and fellows on a budget.

Caroline Niemann Referred By: Kyle Benner, House Staff
Number of Referrals: 1
Expires: 12/30/2015
Address: Middleton


Caroline Niemann is an independent contractor doing commercial real estate transactions for a firm out of Chicago. Outside of real estate, her background is in employment and immigration law. Her interest in helping out UW residents and physicians stems from close ties to a former psychiatry resident at UW, and familial ties to a current neurosurgeon at UW. Having seen the hard work and dedication it takes to be a UW resident/physician, Caroline looks forward to helping you in anyway that she can. Rates can be negotiated based on the extent of contract review.

Residents have said:

“One of her interests in law is in contracts, and this could be helpful to residents as they graduate and begin their job searches.”

Herrick & Kasdorf Referred By: Khanhthuy Oberley, House Staff
Number of Referrals: 1
Expires: 09/15/2012

Juscha Robinson Referred By: Khanhthuy Oberley, House Staff
Number of Referrals: 2
Expires: 03/07/2015

16 North Carroll St, Suite 500, Madison

According to the resident who recommended her, “I just utilized the services of attorney Juscha Robinson on the sale of our home. We did not use a realtor and she helped us navigate through contracts and other home sale issues. She was very, very reasonable (almost half the cost of other attorneys) and very professional and courteous. I would definitely utilize her services in the future.”

“Residential and commercial real estate, tenant-landlord, small business (including nonprofit) organization, estate planning. She was an attorney on the sale of our home and had a set fee, never added on, and held on to escrowed funds for over a year and never charged another fee. I call Juscha for other referrals and will use her again.”

Neider & Boucher, S.C.  
Number of Referrals: 1 
Address: 440 Science Drive, Suite 300 (Westside)
Hours: Mon. – Fri. (8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.) Flexible to meet outside those hours to fit your schedule.

(608) 661-4500

Jennifer Knudson Referred By: Bob Vickrey, House Staff
Number of Referrals: 1
Expires: 02/03/2008

Phone:(608) 441-7277, Fax:(608) 661-4510,

Husband was a former UW Psychiatry Resident. Her legal specialties are health, corporate, and employment law. During her husband’s residency, she reviewed and negotiated resident and physician contracts and continues to do this today with the firm Neider & Boucher. Prior to working for Neider & Boucher, she was in-house counsel for the Medical College of Wisconsin and for Fortis Health, a health insurance company. For the Medical College of Wisconsin, she reviewed physician contracts from the employer’s perspective. She will bring this experience to the table when she reviews your contract.

Rates are negotiated on a contract-by-contract basis based on an understanding of the typical resident’s financial situation.