AAA Referred By: Meghan Hanson, House Staff
Number of Referrals: 3
Expires: 04/02/2010
Address: Multiple Locations – see website
Hours: Mon. – Fri. (8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.) & Sat. (9 a.m. – 1 p.m.)

(800) 236-1300
(608) 259-2107

Auto, Home, and Life Insurance; Full Service Travel Agency; Emergency Roadside Service; Maps and TourBooks for every State; Travelers Cheques; Passport Photos; and much more.

Recommended for rental, home and auto insurance based on “very good prices.”

Jean Mulcachy, agent Referred By: Megan Hanson, House Staff
Number of Referrals: 3
Expires: 04/02/2010

8401 Excelsior Dr. (Madison West)
Phone:(608) 828-2581 , Cell:(608) 576-9482,

Amica Referred By: Elisha Spier, House Staff Spouse
Number of Referrals: 2
Expires: 09/14/2011
Address: 2935 Fish Hatcher Rd., #434, Madison WI 53711

(877) 278-0739

Erin Wery Referred By: Megan Perkins, House Staff Spouse
Number of Referrals: 2
Expires: 10/01/2011

Phone:(877) 278-0739,

Offers affordable home, auto and life insurance with dividend and non-dividend options. The resident who recommended Erin described her as “very patient” and added, “She will walk you through the process step-by-step to set up the right insurance coverage for your situation.”

G2 Insurance Services, Inc.  
Number of Referrals: 1 
Address: 17100 W Bluemound Rd Ste 200 (Brookfield, WI)

Provides personal, business and life insurance. Offers a 10% discount to House Staff on home and auto insurance.

Thomas M Gaumond, Vice President Referred By: William Ehlenbach, House Staff
Number of Referrals:
Expires: 07/10/2010

Phone:(262) 784-0644, Fax:(262) 784-0645,

An independant agent Recommended for home, auto, and life insurance. “Although he is not located in Madison, he is readily available by phone or email,” stated his recommender.

Hausmann-Johnson Insurance  
Number of Referrals: 1 
Address: 700 Regent Street (Madison)
Hours: Mon. – Fri. 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

(608) 257-3795

Provides Business, Personal and Life Insurance as well as Financial Services. It is one of Wisconsin’s largest independent agencies that specializes in reducing Total Cost of Risk. The company received In Business Magazine’s Executive Consumer Award as the #1 Insurance Agency in Dane County for 2007.

Jason McCaffrey, Principal Referred By: Diane McCaffrey, House Staff
Number of Referrals:
Expires: 07/09/2010

Phone:(608) 252-9629, Cell:(608) 220-9142, Fax:(608) 257-4324,

New York Life Insurance  
Number of Referrals: 3 


Eric Heiting Referred By: Andy Buccholz, House Staff
Number of Referrals: 3
Expires: 09/15/2012

999 Fourier Drive, Suite 300 (Westside)
Phone:(608) 827-2110, Cell:(608) 215-5146,

Specializes in working with physicians throughout the state of Wisconsin as well as the U.S. with regards to life insurance, financial planning and asset management. According to the person who recommended him, “Eric is a pleasure to work with and very professional.” In addition, Eric is the current presenter for the UWHA life insurance seminar.

“Eric is a great agent. He is helpful, realistic, and a nice guy.”

Shulla Financial Services  
Number of Referrals: 2
Expires: 09/15/2012
Address: 1600 Aspen Commons, Suite 800 (Middleton)

(608) 836-2094, (800) 833-3574

Andrew P. Shulla, CLU, ChFC Financial Representative
Cell: (608) 220-6992



Peter R Shulla _ Financial Representative
Cell: (608) 658-3137


Peter J Shulla, CLU _ Senior Financial Representative

Our office administers your Group Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits which is provided for you by the UW Hospital and underwritten by Northwestern Mutual. We are available to answer questions on your group benefits; we provide seminars and web conferencing.

Shulla Financial Services has been working with the House Staff Association for over 30 years, specializing in life and disability insurance and investment strategies suitable for a resident and fellow physician. We help analyze the best supplemental contracts for you based on: company_s financial strength, contract provisions and cost along with association discounts.

After working with resident physicians for the last 20 years, I found that clearly the most important asset you own today is your ability to earn income. It is critical you review all options possible in order to put the best coverages in place to protect this asset._ – Andy

We are members of Physicians Nationwide which is a nationwide network of Northwestern Mutual financial representatives who specialize in working with physicians to provide continuous service wherever your career might lead.

Andy Shulla Referred By: Dan Frank, House Staff
Number of Referrals: 2
Expires: 09/15/2012

Phone:(608) 836-2094,

Offers multiple individual long-term disability insurance plans including Northwestern Mutual, Guardian/Berkshire and Standard.

State Farm  
Number of Referrals: 1 
Hours: Depends on the office: 8:30 or 9:00 AM Mon. – Fri., Sat. and evenings by appointment

Doug Peterson Referred By: Samantha Johnson, House Staff Spouse
Number of Referrals:
Expires: 03/23/2010

111 E. Verona Avenue (Verona)
Phone:(608) 845-6702,

Recommended for home and auto insurance.

Lyn Malayter Referred By: Rachael Wyman, House Staff
Number of Referrals:
Expires: 07/08/2010

4610 University Ave. (Madison)
Phone:(608) 238-1814, Fax:(608) 238-3439,

According to her recommender, “Lyn gives very personalized service, has always been available, and great at answering questions.”

Patrick Marsden Referred By: Jesse Maupin, Internal Medicine
Number of Referrals: 1
Expires: 04/14/2019

14 N Carroll Street (On the Square), Madison

We purchased renters/car insurance with an umbrella policy all in one visit to this office. State Farm is not corporately owned (owned by policyholders) so you can have some assurance that they’ll act in your best interest.

The Raskie Agency Referred By: Megan Perkins, House Staff Spouse
Number of Referrals: 1
Expires: 01/05/2009
Address: 621 North Sherman Avenue, Suite B11, Madison
Hours: 8-5

(608) 332-4457

Offers: Retirement Planning: IRAs, 401(k), 403(b), College Savings, Mutual Funds

Life Insurance: Variable, Term, Universal, and Whole Life

Asset Protection/Risk Management: Auto, home and Umbrella Insurance. Additional discounts for Doctors and Registered Nurses.

The Raskie Agency is an agency with the coverage, professionalism, and stability of a big corporation. We pride ourselves in providing not only exceptional services, but in a way that’s down-to-earth, worry-free, and easy to understand. From our lightning fast claims handling, to our step by step breakdown of your policy, you will leave our agency knowing that you’re fully covered, and better yet, you’ll understand and know exactly the coverage you have.

According to the UWHA member who recommended him, “Sterling is so easy to work with and has helped us navigate through house, car and life insurance. We really feel like he’s completely honest with us and helps us understand the process.”