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Cooperative Nursery School Referred By: Brianna Wills, House Staff Spouse
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Expires: 07/10/2010

Call Astrid Wolf, Membership Coordinator, for more info (608) 824-0549

The Cooperative Nursery School has been in existence since 1973. It is a parent run cooperative with lots of space for your kids to run around. They have two large rooms that they rent from the Glenwood Morvarian Church (not affiliated) at 725 Gilmore St. (right beside the Wingra School off Monroe St.).

The fees are $80 for one child and $25 for each additional child over 12 months of age. The semesters are 18 weeks each. You pick one day a week to attend. The morning and afternoon sessions are each 3 hours long. You can go for all three or come and go as you please.

little om BIG OM Referred By: Adam Gepner, House Staff
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(802) 242-1642

little om BIG OM leads yoga classes for kids of all ages. Kids’ Yoga classes are a fun, playful way for kids of all ages to learn the many asanas (poses) of yoga and principles of mindfulness.