Significant Other Society

Welcome to Madison! We know that you will enjoy your time here. The city is full of life and there are countless activities in and around the city. One in particular is designed just for you! The UW Significant Other Society or S.O.S. is an organization created for resident and fellow spouses/significant others. The group is a great way to meet new people (who come from all over and are in the same position as you), engage in fun activities, and become involved in the UW community.

The biggest event that SOS plans all year is the welcome picnic for residents, spouses and children at one of Madison?s many parks (sometime in early July). At the picnic you will meet other incoming significant others and existing SOS members, learn about SOS activities and clubs, and sign up for those which interest you.

*Below is a list of all the current group leaders.
These are the groups that are currently active and a description of each group along with a contact name for that particular group. We are always open to ideas for new groups.

Helping Hands Helps You
Welcoming a new baby to your family or needing assistance with meals during a difficult time? Let Helping Hands help ease your mind by providing you dinner! Simply send an email at with the following information: name, address, dates meals requested for, number of people that will be eating meals, any food allergies or aversions and the best time to deliver a meal.

Book Club

Come and join other SOS members for a great time discussing different books. Books are chosen by the group and meets monthly. If you are interested contact: Erin Bzdawka at


Email if interested in joining.

Night Out

Come and hang out with other SOS members for a relaxing night out once a month. If you are interested contact Mary Guokas at

Current SOS leaders
Kate Fisher, Mary Guokas, Erin Bzdawka and Connie Leung at